26 Mar 2021
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Try, Try, Never Die, HOOAH!”~Many students of Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, New Hampshire, begin class with that yell every day, sometimes delivering it in military uniform. They are cadets in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, JROTC, a U.S. Army-sponsored program, which is offered as an elective at over 1,700 high schools. Its goal is not to turn children into soldiers, but to motivate them to become better citizens by teaching them military values Americans admire: service, honor, skill and leadership. By using military techniques that challenge the students, both mentally and physically, the course tries to improve their self-esteem and perseverance and give them a better grip on life. ~~For many teenagers, this is precisely why they seek out the program. They come from broken households, several don’t live with their parents anymore, and some already have adult responsibilities: a full-time job, a baby. The class offers them camaraderie and the structure, direction, and security that is often missing at home.~~Jenna (17) says: “I’m more on track. JROTC helped me to calm down and focus. If I don’t, I’ll be disrespectful.”~~A lot of students are also from families with a military tradition. And some intend to join the Armed Forces by enlisting or continuing with an ROTC program in college, at a time when the nation is at war.~~Ryan (17) says: “Every male in my family has been in the military, my father, my uncles, my cousins. My father was in the first Gulf War and Desert Storm. One of my cousins went to Iraq. My dad doesn’t talk much about it, but my cousins tell me. Some is bad, some is good. I hope to go into the Army. I feel it’s a better job than what most people do. You’re giving everything you have for your country, and I think that’s just really cool!”~~Curious about the place of the military in American society, Dutch photographer and writer Ellen Kok followed the cadets for over two years. What do marching in formation, doing push-ups, shining uniform buttons, firing air rifles and addressing each other with “Sergeant” or “Captain” do for young people? Does it help them to cope with the challenges life throws at them, at home and in school? ~~The book Cadets shows in photos and a long written story how the military permeates many people's personal lives, as well as American culture. (Netherlight Publishing, 2013, English edition).
8 Mar 2021
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Located along the Douro River estuary in northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European centres, and its core was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Porto or Oporto is the second-largest city in Portugal and one of the Iberian Peninsula's major urban areas.
23 Fév 2021
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In almost every country in Europe, Otto Snoek has photographed national celebrations and commemorations. Snoek is interested in the growing awareness of national identity and history, which in many European countries goes hand in hand with the rise of nationalism. Different peoples are beginning to put their cultural traditions and idiosyncrasies in the limelight and to commemorate or celebrate historical moments with new energy. Snoek shows how this development manifests itself in everyday life during all kinds of organized and unorganized mass gatherings and spectacles.
12 Fév 2021
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The Hill
11 Fév 2021
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Down the hill in Amsterdam IJburg's Diemerpark with a sled or snowboard during the snowdrift storm of February 2021
Fokker Bankrupt 25 years ago
4 Fév 2021
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After continuing losses, the aircraft manufacturer goes bankrupt in March 1993. The German DASA and the Dutch government pull the plug. The healthy part of the company is taken over by Stork. They will continue with the maintenance of Fokker aircraft and the production of aircraft parts.
Boarded up
4 Fév 2021
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The most expensive shopping paradise in the Netherlands, Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat has now become a fortress of wood and roadblocks. Nervous about the looting last week, the candy stores of the wealthy have put their wares in security. It leaves the normally pimped-up and powdered-up face of the gold street masked and horrified. The have-nots, the underprivileged and enraged rioters, looters have not yet shown themselves. But the bog fire under the country of the stone rich (who are getting richer) on the one hand and young people without a golden spoon grown up with anger in their fists along with working poor on the other hand is smoldering.
Sea of Plastic - Migrant Workers
27 Jan 2021
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In the plastic greenhouses, also called 'sea of plastic', fruit and vegetables are grown that are harvested by cheap workers from Africa. They earn between ï35 and ï40 per day, which is below the legal minimum wage. After 3 years they get a temporary residence permit for 1 year. With an employment contract of a Spanish farmer they can get a permanent Spanish residence permit. During the COVID-19 crisis there is less work and more migrants arrived from Africa, because there is also less work in Africa due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Immortal Twins
26 Jan 2021
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The Fon people in Benin have one of the highest rates of twins, 1 in 20 births. The African country also suffers from a relatively high rate of infant mortality. The high mortality rate has contributed to a separate "twin religion. When twins die, a wooden statue is made, in which the spirit of the dead child is placed. These 'hovovi' are animated and idolized and treated almost as much as living children. To the Fon, twins are immortal. They remain alive even after death, bringing blessing or misfortune depending on whether they are coddled or treated badly.
Antilockdown protest loopt uit op rellen
26 Jan 2021
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Rellen in Enschede, Amsterdam en Eindhoven na anti-lockdown protesten. Na oproepen om te demonstreren tegen overheidsmaatregelen, vaccinatie en avondklok kwamen demonstranten bijeen. In Amsterdam, Eindhoven en Enschede liepen demonstraties uit op rellen en kwam de ME in actie. Relschoppers gooiden stenen en vuurwerkbommen naar de politie. In Enschede werd onder andere het MST Ziekenhuis belaagd.
Curfew in the Netherlands
24 Jan 2021
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Utrecht just after curfew. To curb the outbreak of the corona virus, a curfew has been instituted from January 23. Only in special cases it is allowed to be outside between 21:00 and 04:30
US Presidential Inauguration for Joe Biden
21 Jan 2021
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The United States sworn in President-elect Joe Biden during the 59th presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., becoming the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris will sworn in as the first female and first black vice president of the nation’s history. This event has brought an end to the Trump presidential era. The inauguration is different this year due to the COVID19 pandemic as well as the security threats far-right groups and pro-Trump supports have made to sabotage the event at Capitol Hill. An estimated 20,000 National Guards have been deployed around the government area of Washington DC and tens of thousands police officers and local authorities to provide additional security.
US Capitol Hill militarisation
20 Jan 2021
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Thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed to protect Capitol Hill, White House and surrounding areas due to the threats by far-right groups and Trump supporters to sabotage the Presidential inauguration event where President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States
Fokker failliet
20 Jan 2021
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Na aanhoudende verliezen gaat het bedrijf in 1993 failliet. DASA en de Nederlandse overheid trekken de stekker eruit. Het gezonder onderdeel van het bedrijf wordt overgenomen door Stork. Zij leveren nog onderhoud aan toestellen en produceren vliegtuigonderdelen.
8 Jan 2021
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Julen (64) has been suffering from alcoholism since he was in his twenties. Because of this, his pancreas had to be removed 3 years ago. Coupled with this disease, he also has a nicotine addiction: he has been smoking since he was twelve years old. He also has worked under bad conditions as a plumber in the construction for a long time: he has already had three heavy back surgeries - the last one about 7 years ago - which also causes him chronic back and leg pain and difficult walking. Now he has been told by the doctor that he has throat cancer: he needs radio and chemotherapy. To be able to endure these treatments he gets tube feeding: this liquid food enters the stomach through a tube. Julen lives together with his wife Maria (62) in the house of her deceased mother. Maria is a cleaner and suffers from depression and burned-out complaints. She broke her shoulder last week when she fell into the bath due to weakness. Due to a lot of bad luck, the alcoholism of her husband -and his unstable work history- and the consequences of the economic crisis, they had to sell their own house 20 years ago. Her brother allows them to live in the house free of charge; after all, the house belongs to both of them. Their youngest son (34) moved to the Netherlands in 2009. After he was told that his father had contracted throat cancer, he took a few weeks vacation to support them, despite the limitations of the Corona measures in the Netherlands and Spain.
Disappearing Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands
6 Jan 2021
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Restaurant Golden River, is run by the Wong family. It’ s a typical traditional Chinese restaurant once seen in every village in the Netherlands. Already in the 1920‘s the first Chinese restaurants appeared in harbour cities like Rotterdam. After WW2, they become more popular due to the repatriation of Indonesian families who after the Indonesian indepence moved back to holland. Once the favourite family restaurant because of its big portion sizes and cheap prices, now these restaurants are disappearing fast and are taken over by all you can eat sushi places and stir fry restaurants.
Face shields in the gutter
5 Jan 2021
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Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, mouth caps have become a new source of litter.
Face shield on the streets of Amsterdam
5 Jan 2021
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On the streets of Amsterdam, discarded mouthpieces roam around.
Water Crisis Pandemic Community in El Salvador
1 Jan 2021
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Residents at La Meca community which lacks access to water during the COVID19 pandemic are getting water in order to help them have proper hygiene in order to prevent them from getting infected with the virus, this project is being partly finance by the Swiss Red Cross aid.
Swiss Red Cross Aid Pandemic in El Salvador
25 Déc 2020
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The Swiss Red Cross aid through the local Salvadoran Red Cross providing servicies during the COVID19 pandemic with varius services such as providing water where is needed, hygiene products and education, medical aid among other things.
Pre Christmas Lockdown in Alkmaar
24 Déc 2020
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Empty shopping streets in the center of the Dutch provincial city Alkmaar, the infection rates of the coronavirus have risen sharply so the government has decided that all non-essential stores throughout the country should be closed for the next 5 weeks.
Lockdown in Amsterdam
24 Déc 2020
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Due to the new measures taken by the Dutch government to reduce the number of corona infections, the Netherlands will go into lockdown until at least January 19, 2021. Museums and theaters, amusement parks and zoos, casinos and saunas, accommodations for indoor sports, restaurants and catering facilities of hotels will be closed. Stores such as clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores and hobby stores will also be closed. In doing so, the cabinet is trying to limit contacts as much as possible. Supermarkets, bakers, butchers and other stores selling food can remain open, just like pharmacies, drugstores and petrol stations, for example.
The New Abnormal
23 Déc 2020
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Due to the COVID19 pandemic the world has had to make many changes, we are now living in a new era of social distancing, protective mask wearing, isolation and avoiding traditional gathering such as Christmas celebration. The new world is dating to a new normal and it Is uncertain until when or if we will ever go back to being the way we used to be.
Mexican Druglab Raid
11 Déc 2020
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In recent years, the Sinaloa Cartel and the ' La Familia de Michoacan ' cartel have turned to the production of the highly addictive and destructive drug crystal meth, also known as methamphetamine or its street name ice. The production takes place in small labs in remote mountain areas. Most of the crystal meth is smuggled into the USA. An army regiment based in the state capital Morelia in on its way to destroy two chrystal meth labs that were discovered in a remote mountainous area 80 kilometers west of Morelia. Five civilians were arrested a few days earlier when the labs were raided. The two labs were equipped with sophisticated equipment and had a capacity to yield at least a few tons yearly.
Fort Scheveningen
11 Déc 2020
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Strandtenteigenaren op Scheveningen hebben hun paviljoens gebarrikadeerd tegen storm en wind. Bij hoge uitzondering mogen dit jaar de strandtenten in de winter blijven staan. Afbouw en transport zou de eigenaren teveel geld kosten in een jaar dat al zeer verliesgevend was.
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