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Bas Beentjes (1965) is a freelance, allround photographer who took his first photograph when still a kid, using his parents' instamatic. Twenty years ago he made it his profession. His career has taken him around the globe, including one year as a staffphotographer for the New Zealand Herald. For Greenpeace he's documented many actions at sea and on land, including in the Arctic and Antarctica. Over time Bas has specialised in portraiture, environment and sports. Clients -then and now- include National Geographic NL, WWF, ANP, Greenpeace, New Zealand Herald, Noordhollands Dagblad, Provincie Noord-Holland as well as several other agencies and magazines.

Bas lives in Castricum, Netherlands with his wife and two young sons. When not working he's training for triathlons, practicing bluegrass guitar, tending a permaculture foodgarden or woodworking.
Locatie Castricum
Specialisaties Portret, Reportage, Sport
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