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Teun Voeten is an award winning war photographer and author based in New York and Brussels. Originally, he studied cultural anthropology and philosophy at Leiden University. Over the last 25 years, he covered conflicts world wide for publications such as Vanity Fair and Newsweek and organizations as the UNHCR and ICRC.

He made books on the underground homeless in New York, the war in Sierra Leone and the drug violence in Mexico. Voeten also organizes exhibitions, gives workshops and is a regular lecturer at prestigious academic institutions. Currently, he is writing a PhD dissertation on the Mexican Drug War. He started making video documentaries as well.

Teun Voeten is a sought after lecturer at academic, social and cultural institutions worldwide. he has been a guest at Columbia University, School of Visual Arts, Cambridg UK, Tufts, leiden University, and many more academies, cultural, diplomatic and law enforcement institution world wide. He also gives tailor made workshops and classes for people or individuals at all levels.
Locatie Brussels, New York, Worldwide
Specialisaties Reportage
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