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My work consists of abstract and industrial photography, and my main subjects revolve around themes such as digital safety, security, and awareness. Through these images I’m trying to pose questions about our blind reliance on technology.

The inspiration for my work comes from a variety of media including Twitter, Newspapers, Blogs, Facebook, E-books on technology, and scifi movies. I am attempting to visualise the unseen and unknown side of this digital world, which so fundamentally influences the way we life.

To make the abstract tangible, I would like to make the viewer aware of the ways digital systems are ruling our lives and of the looming dangers of the dominance of technology. In my photography, I use unexpected objects to visualize this hidden world of codes. With my images, I aim to symbolize how our systems become more like humans while humans tend to become more like machines.

My work has been obtained by both private collectors and public institutions like The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) in The Hague. My “Digital Awareness Campaign” was not only commissioned by the Tweede Kamer, but was selected to be included in their archives preserving fine-art prints for future generations.

Furthermore, my images have been used for book covers, websites, brochures, and campaigns.

I studied photography at The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague where I graduated with a project called “Connected – The Age of Connectivity”, which was a visualisation of the digital world by means of plants and flowers.

My fascination for these topics, however, goes back even further to my studies at the Graphic School of Arts in Rotterdam, where I specialised in design & technology.

For my graduation there, my team-mates and I, created a video-based platform that instructed people on building their own websites. Completing this in 2006, we were one of the first to use online platforms to provide home-made, or do-it-yourself educational content signalling the now worldwide trend.

This combination of creative multimedia studies and photography laid the foundation for my unique style of photography, as well as for specificity of my topics. My independent and corporate photography are best visible in my portfolio.
Locatie Amsterdam
Specialisaties Portret, Reportage
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