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A storyteller would be the right way to call me. Stories about people, companies or organizations. One can always find an interesting point of view to tell the story. For storystelling I use mostly images, or better photography, more and more added with video and sound. My stories can also be written, background stories and interviews for instance. For me it's interesting what's happening behind the scenes. Who is the person standing in front of me, what is the main value of a company?As well in my journalistic, documentary as my commercial work I am looking for a personal approach to bring the message the best. Often I find myself litterly close to my subjects, without them noticing it. However I am not a fly on the wall. I am dedicated to what I am doing, so people quickly accept me as if I am part of their lives. Even if it is just for a short moment.The emotions and the acting of people are major ingredients in my work. It's for that reason organizations like trade unions hire me. Most of my subjects are related to social-economical issues. That said, I am also fascinated by people in traffic, with cycling as specialism. In my archive you can find bicycles and cyclists of all kind.
It's partly due to my technical background. For companies that's often a pleasant surprise. They don't have to explain a lot to me before I can translate their proces to a broader audience.The reality is most of the time more than interesting enough. So my work can be pure. By observing and listening well I don't need to manipulate most of the times.
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands
Specialisations Portret, Reportage, Reizen, Straatfotografie
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