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Making the world a better place through the art of storytelling. That is her mission as a photographer. Creating unique compelling visual stories relevant to society; raising awareness and stimulate participation.

Since 2007 she is an independant photographer. Having started as a news-wire photographer, it was during an assignment in Afghanistan for Marie Claire Netherlands, she came upon a special subject, that would change her photographic journey drastically. Since that time she works mainly on longterm selfinitiated projects about the influence of political, economic and environmental factors on humans.

Her work is published in international media; solo exhibitions in Netherlands & Jakarta. Amongst others she works commissioned for National Geographic Magazine Netherlands, NGO’s and international organizations. A photobook commissioned by international engineering & consultant agency Witteveen+Bos.

She is the founder of Utarakan Jakarta, an online awareness and information campaign about the sinking of Jakarta, targeting the Jakartan urban young. Since 2016 she is a permanent judge in tv program ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’, a programme of Dutch RTL 4 about photography.
Locatie Worldwide
Specialisaties Portret, Reportage
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