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Since his childhood, Martin Bertrand has always been attracted to the arts. His holidays were each time accompanied by his disposable camera, his first steps in this universe. The discovery of photography really began when he was 14 years old. Hyperactive in nature, he is quickly seduced by the immediacy of the photographic medium.

After obtaining his baccalaureate, he naturally follows a professional training as a photographer that allows him to forge a solid technique and learn the workings of the trade.

Throughout his experiences, he quickly became aware of the power of photography and the possibilities open to him in terms of travel and discoveries. His curiosity allows him to take a singular look at his contemporaries and the world in which we live.

In June 2016, Martin is a favorite for Hans Lucas. The studio then makes a bet on its potential and decides to propel it.

Through his many personal projects, he is particularly interested in youth and geo-environmental issues. The twenty-first century and the upheavals that accompany it fascinates him particularly.

His latest projects were in Southeast Asia, where he worked for seven months. The most important of these is called The Faces of the Mekong. Based on the mythical Mekong River and its resources, it draws a great deal of perspective on the geo-environmental issues related to development in the Indochinese peninsula (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand).
He was also interested in Vietnamese and Laotian youth through the prism of street sports and Cuban culture.

In parallel with his projects, Martin also responds to orders from the press, NGOs and private companies.

His works are regularly published in the French and international press (Le Monde, Libération, Washington Post, Le Figaro, Vice, Reporterre, Mr Mondialisation, Fisheye Magazine). These have been awarded several times, including the François Chalais Prize of the Young Reporter of the Year 2015 in the photo category. He was a finalist of the Paris Match Grand Prize of the Student Photoreporter and awarded by the Young Talents Prize by fotofever. These projects also give rise to exhibitions and conferences.
Locatie Amsterdam / France
Specialisaties Reportage, Reizen, Straatfotografie
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