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Jan-Joseph Stok is a photojournalist with a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary photography obtained at the London College of Communication. With more than 15 years experience working on the African continent across 26 English and French speaking African countries. He has worked extensively in Congo since 2005 and covered a wide range of topics for the Dutch and International press and Ngo's. For four years he worked as Africa/conflict photographer for the Dutch Newspaper Trouw. Nowadays he often works for International media and has been published in European and International newspapers and magazines around the world. He has a great experience in Human rights and environmental issues, also investigating stories on issues like minerals, Oil exploration,deforestation... He is the author of two journalistic books called ‘Blood Mobiles’ and Welcome in Darfur this is our lives. He has trained local photographers in Nigeria, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. He has received several awards, such as Best Photojournalist of the Year under 30 in 2006 at the Zilveren Camera. In 2008, his picture of Laurent N'kunda dressed in his suit taken at his home was awarded best foreign picture of the year at the Zilveren Camera. Jan-Joseph has strong field-experience, covering some of the most difficult countries in the world such as Sudan (Darfur), Congo, Somalia, Chad and Afghanistan. He is very used to working in hard conditions, but the key of his work lays in building trust with people on the ground.
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