Adrie Mouthaan

22 Jan 2020
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The Botanic garden Zuidas Amsterdam houses the largest cactus collection in the Netherlands
The wrestlers of A.A.C. Hercules
1 Jan 2020
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Every Monday and Thursday evening, the wrestlers of the 'Amsterdam Athlethes Club' Hercules, founded in 1902, train in their brick building on the edge of Sportpark Ookmeer. Also the older members, although they no longer wrestle matches, come to train every week.
Slot racing, a hobby that got out of hand
2 Dec 2019
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Slot racing, a hobby that got out of hand.~Under Tom Peters' house on the edge of an industrial estate in Zwanneburg, cars are raced every week. The club is open every Friday evening. ~Slot car racing or slot racing is a competition with electrically powered model cars that drive on a preformed racetrack. The most commonly used scales are 1:24 and 1:32.~Slots have been made in the track in which the guide shoe of the car moves. On both sides of the lock there is a conductive strip for power supply by means of drag contacts.
Almost real
29 May 2018
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Collection Beijerinck at the museum of Delft University of Technology.~Botanical models produced in the mid-nineteenth century by Robert and Reinhold Brendel, father and son, used in scientific education.~The Brendels were advised by various scientists in making the models. The models are made up of wood, paper mache, cotton, beads and plaster.~The ancient models are now part of numerous collections of natural history museums.
25 Oct 2017
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Historic electrical razors from the collection of the president of the Dutch Philshave Collectors Club.
Fungi Disco
18 Sep 2017
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Another kind of portraits, portraits of fungi. Adrie Mouthaan shows us the fascinating world of fungi through his macro lens. With the help of Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute.
It all adds up
3 May 2017
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Adding and subtracting in earlier times. Calculators, from mechanical to electric and electronic calculating machines, before it was just a function on your smartphone. Photographer Adrie Mouthaan portrayed machine that were once indispensable, all are from the Collection of the Delft University of Technology
26 May 2016
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In 1992, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, photographer Adrie Mouthaan travels the North Caucasus. The mountainous area on the border of Europe and Asia, between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea is a patchwork of peoples, languages and religions. After the collapse of communism religious and nationalistic sentiments are rearing it's head In the Russian republics of Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. The result is conflict, terrorism and even war; the area will headline the news in the two decades to come.
22 Jan 2016
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22 Jan 2016
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22 Jan 2016
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Fiddler's Neck
22 Jan 2016
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The brown mark on the left side of the neck in players of upper string instruments (violins and violas), known as Fiddler’s Neck, is caused by a combination of skin sensitisation, pressure, and moisture.
22 Jan 2016
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22 Jan 2016
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22 Jan 2016
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30 Jun 2015
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Detector Amateur
30 Jun 2015
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Built Body
30 Jun 2015
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Tractor Pulling
24 Feb 2015
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1 Jan 2015
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