Adrienne Norman

Tiny Housing
18 Sep 2019
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Will living small become the new normal? More than four out of every ten people will be living alone by the middle of this century. All the more reason to pay attention to small living. In 2016 the BouwEXPO Tiny Housing started in Almere with an ideas competition. Anyone could take part. The winners built sixteen houses. Some are freestanding, others are linked or stacked. They are all licensed and inhabited as real homes. The houses are a source of inspiration for small houses elsewhere. In empty spaces, as an infill, on roofs, or as fully-fledged new-build neighbourhoods.~This book documents these houses. The creative process is also reviewed: from zoning plan, welfare to parcelling plan. From land agreements, temporary use, single permit to the equivalence provision in the Buildings Decree.
Real-life Barbie
17 Sep 2019
17 files
Konstantia is a Amsterdam woman who is transforming herself into her ideal appearance. Beauty ideals, how we judge the other based on outward appearance and acceptance of one’s self are recurring themes in my work. In that respect this was a perfect meeting.
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