Bas de Meijer

Curfew in the Netherlands
24 Jan 2021
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Utrecht just after curfew. To curb the outbreak of the corona virus, a curfew has been instituted from January 23. Only in special cases it is allowed to be outside between 21:00 and 04:30. Bas de Meijer took photos at a couple of usually always busy places in Utrecht just before the curfew started and during the curfew. When the curfew starts it's a surreal moment, suddenly it's quiet. Just as quiet as it sometimes is deep in the night, only now it is Saturday night.
Health is a luxury
6 May 2020
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An emergency shelter has been set up in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for homeless people who may have been infected with COVID-19. The location is especially for the homeless who cannot be quarantined in regular shelters.
Utrecht in Times of Corona
27 Mar 2020
66 files
Adventure in the woods
29 Oct 2018
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Een vierjarig jongetje loopt met zijn vader in het Nationaal Park De Veluwezoom bij Rheden. Er is zoveel te ontdekken als kleuter in de natuur.
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