Bas Jongerius

Mobile Bird Watching
19 Mar 2022
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A mobile bird observation hut has been placed near the Wadden dike outside Oudebildtzijl in Friesland. The Agrarisch Collectief ANV Om 'e Koaien places it during the breeding season at locations where there are many meadow birds active at that time. The huts are freely accessible, equipped with binoculars and lots of information about nature and birds.
Spring in Langweer: skûtsjesilen
17 Apr 2019
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When spring comes, the skûtsjes in Friesland will be sailing. The photographer learned how rough it is on board when he sailed along on a Frisian flat-bottomed boat for a weekend. He experienced a collision with another skûtsje, learned how the skipper lost his lower leg and saw a skûtsje stylishly perish...
and no birds sing
25 Nov 2018
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Palm oil is responsible for the large-scale destruction of rainforests in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Between 1990 and 2015, approximately 24 million hectares of rainforest were cleared in Indonesia. Often deforestation leads to the expulsion of the original population, such as the Dayak population in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The destruction of the plam oil plantations is also disastrous for animals in the rainforest. These are being taken care of by private individuals, who are trying to make ancient utans and sun bears safe.
Good Morning Vietnam
20 Nov 2018
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Before the hectic city life begins, many inhabitants of Hanoi start their day with relaxation exercises. Around the Hoan Kiem Lake in the middle of the capital you can see all kinds of gymnastics, from tai chi to badminton with two rackets; the Vietnamese stay fit until old age.
Eierzoeken in Friesland
25 Apr 2018
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Wie weleens in Friesland komt, die ziet ze wel: de mannen die in het voorjaar gebogen door het land lopen. Uren, dagenlang; altijd in hun eentje. Het zijn eierzoekers, die tegenwoordig geen eieren meer mogen rapen. Maar ze blijven wel doen wat generaties voor hen al deden. Gerrit is er zo een, al is hij jonger dan de meesten: 'Als je je ergens Fries voelt, is het hier.' Bij de fotoreportage is ook een geschreven reportage met het verhaal van Gerrit verkrijgbaar.
Hotel Dajti
14 Feb 2018
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Walking Friesland
19 Jul 2017
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A piece of the new Great-Friesland Road, from Hindeloopen to Workum. The Great Friesland Road is a Long Distance Footpath along the 'Seven Sealand' of which Friesland once existed. The LAW 14 crosses North Holland, Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen to German East Friesland (Ostfriesland).
Journey of the rose
9 May 2017
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At Schiphol Airport several planes full of roses from Africa land every day. Roses travel within one day from the hot greenhouses in Africa to the cool disembarkation centers around Schiphol. From there the flowers are spread all over the world. The production of this Dutch export article takes largely place in East Africa. In Kenya, the rosary is concentrated around Lake Naivasha. There, the growers -including some Dutch entrepreneurs-meet good conditions: plenty of sunshine, cheap labor and easy access to Lake Naivasha's water. Many breeders try to comply with environmental, working conditions and sustainability agreements, to achieve a fairtrade flower. But not all growers act sustainable. Organisations like HIVOS and other environmental organisations are closely monitoring companies, following reports of violations in terms of working hours, exploitation and the environment. The roses are sprayed with all kinds of chemical agents that can be harmful to the workers. The water quality of Lake Naivasha, where hippos and flamingos live, also suffer from all activities around the lake. In this report we follow the journey of the rose from the Kenyan soil to the Dutch shopping bag.
Walking to Rottumeroog
Waddenzee Werelderfgoedwandeling
4 Apr 2016
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Walking through the mud with low tide from the Dutch mainland to Rottumeroog, an uninhabited island. The Wadden area has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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