Carla Kogelman

Because of pink
23 Jul 2018
115 files
The first time in 2015 I met Tex, Morris and Soesja they were 3 years old and would turn 4 the next day. After a shoot they would like to have a family portrait. I could not let go of them anymore. And so a new serie started. The 2-egged triplet Tex, Morris & Soesja (2011) live with their older brother Roefie and mother and father in a colorful house in Utrecht, the Netherlands, an average dutch town. Every kid is trying to find his or her own way, looking for their identity. The boys versus the girl. The girl alone. The boy(s) likes to wear the colour pink and dresses. Not always, but It happens and it is ok.
Ich bin Waldviertel
14 Feb 2018
303 files
Hannah and Alena are two sisters living in the small village of Merkenbrechts in the Waldviertel, an isolated rural area in Austria between Vienna and the Czech Republic. The story documents summer days around Austria as the girls grow up over the years 2012 - 2017.
7 Nov 2017
250 files
The public bath in Amersfoort, the Netherlands is home to many different activities, clubs and groups. After 80 years the bath is now demolished.
13 Sep 2017
48 files
Gerline den Hartog, Sam Diboma and their dochters Josline and Loïs moved from Amsterdam to Douala in Cameroon. Father Sam had a job offer in his homeland, the family moved to Africa.
Jasmijn & Family
9 Jun 2017
21 files
Lua and Nandini
5 Feb 2017
79 files
Lua (10) and Nandini (10) are friends, they met in the Centre for Asylumseekers in Amersfoort where they both live. Lua with her father Luis, who is originally from Venezuela and Nandini and her mother Shandhya, both from India. Both parents are in love with each other, the four of them are living as a family. Nandini and Shandhya recently received a residence permit. Luis Lua and fear deportation.
En Vele Anderen
25 Oct 2016
78 files
Tijdens de opnamen van het tweede seizoen van de serie bracht fotografe Carla Kogelman, winnares van een World Press Photo Award, bijna tachtig draaidagen door op de set. Van haar werk verscheen het fotoboek ‘En Vele Anderen’, waarin ze het filmproces vastlegt.~Terwijl de acteurs en filmploeg de stad als decor gebruikten voor hun verhalen, zag Kogelman hoe de productie zelf onderdeel werd van de stad. ‘En Vele Anderen’ is een eigentijds en soms surrealistisch portret van de stad en haar bewoners, waarbij fictie en werkelijkheid in elkaar overlopen.
Sam and Tim
1 Jul 2016
114 files
The life of two Dutch boys, growing up in Amsterdam as seen by their aunt.
Corpus Christi
30 May 2016
21 files
The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for Body of Christ) is a Latin Rite liturgical solemnity celebrating the belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist. It emphasizes the joy of the institution of the Eucharist. It’s celebrated on the second Thursday after Pentecost. Corpus Christi is a public holiday in some countries with a predominantly Catholic population including, amongst others, Austria. Here it’s know as ‘Fronleichnam’. Catholics take part in a procession through the streets of a neighbourhood near their parish following mass and pray and sing. The Eucharist, known as the Blessed Sacrament, is placed in a monstrance and is held aloft by a member of the clergy during the procession. After the procession, parishioners return to the church where benediction usually takes place.
4 May 2016
69 files
The rural area of Eastern Cape will be the stage for my photos. I am interested in the daily life of the young Xhosa people who actually live in the rural areas of Eastern Cape, born after apartheid. What does the nowadays community look like? Who are they ? How do they grow up ? What kind of rituals do they (still) have ? How do they relate to their ancestors ? How does this generation look after apartheid? Where do they come from? Which stories do they have ? What are their fears ? What are their dreams ? In my documentary work I always like to get close to people. How close can I get to them ? I am interested in developing a visual language with leaves room for fantasy and interpretation. I want to show a world with no dead end, but with an open end, a story with hope and creativity. A human interest focus for optimism. Looking for cultural context and content.
9 Mar 2016
173 files
A big coloured family from Amsterdam.~Cynthia Ormskerk (private business) and Iven Cudogham (TV presenter / program maker) were 15 and 17 when they had a relationship. Now they have six children: Jazz, Kik, Lois, Pixie-Lien, Twiggy and Seven (three boys, three girls). The youngest (Seven) was born in early July 2015. Iven is black and has black parents, mother Cynthia's black, she has a black father and a white mother, their children are all colours of the rainbow.
Sansa & Olivier
29 Feb 2016
204 files
Long-term project in which Olivier (2011) and Sansa (2013) are being followed by photographer Carla Kogelman. The two children grow up in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. In 2014 the family moves to Curaçao, a Dutch Carribean island where Jeroen, the father, gets a job. The family moves back to The Netherlands in 2017. The photographer follows the expat family in their everyday life. Her work focuses however on the siblings.
Ruthi & Hannah
18 Feb 2016
79 files
De vader van Ruthi (2000) en Hannah (2002) besteedt meer tijd en aandacht aan de alcohol dan aan zijn dochters. De moeder besluit daarom dat het tijd is om alleen te gaan wonen. In 2012 verhuist ze samen het haar dochters. Die kunnen namelijk maar 1 x opgroeien.
Keiskamma Women
21 Jan 2016
8 files
The Keiskamma Trust is a community organization centred in Hamburg in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which works to foster hope and offer support for the vulnerable through holistic and creative programmes and partnerships.
Pollution on Curacao
15 Jan 2016
12 files
Pollution in Curacao. Both large and small-scale attacks are perpetrated on the environment. Economic interest goes beyond ecological management.
Noelle growing up
15 Jan 2016
112 files
Noëlle was born in 2001, she lives in Amsterdam Noord. How you grow up determines your life. Since 2008, the photographer follows the development of this red-haired girl. We see her grow up.
8 Jan 2016
418 files
Carla Kogelman has been following Dutch Rugby Club Eemland for over one and a half years. She had a proper behind the scenes look, from the field to the locker room. From the First Team to the youngest youth. Close up. Looking to capture what binds the sport: vitality, resilience and respect. The black and white images sketches a colorful reportage with intimate portraits and atmospheric images.
Star Children
4 Jan 2016
21 files
The Star Children is a small, dutch, private initiative on Curaçao (Dutch Antilles), which provides care for children aged 1.5 to 4 years. Working from an anthroposophic vision which is being reflected in the peaceful family atmosphere of the group.
Zip Code 3819
5 Dec 2015
48 files
She wanted to make a photo report on poverty in the Netherlands. Therefore Carla Kogelman did not have to look far. A ten minute bike ride from her house in Amersfoort, as shown by a study by Defence for Children, is a district as one of the poorest of the Netherlands came out on top. On closer examination of the figures appeared to Kogelmans surprise that these "poorest district of the Netherlands' hardly residents. Zip Code Area 3819 scored particularly high in the number of school drop outs, teenage mothers and abused children according to a report from 2012. But to her surprise it is a green space that is mainly used for sport and recreation. With retirement homes, an inner clear camp site adjoining bungalow, a few nuns and a handful of wealthy villas; said Kogelman. An area with more trees than people.The district Birkhoven / Bokkeduinen also houses a center for asylum seekers, ensured the relatively high scores on the poverty indicators. It depends on how you read a report, and how to bring out the outcomes ...
Silent Brass Band
4 Dec 2015
38 files
In full regalia, in beautiful costumes and equipped with various 'instruments' The Silent Brass Band marches on, without even playing a note. The whole thing takes place in total silence, except for the rhythmic sound of the footsteps of the marching band members. Headed by the Marquis General, as maître-tambour he leads the band at a steady pace. Where is the orchestra headed? Will they be make music ever? And will the Marquis General make an inimitable speech or disappear as quietly as they came, or ... anything is possible. The Silent Brass Band is a party that makes for a nice derangement of the public, events, festivals included.
Back Stage Portraits
dutch actors
3 Dec 2015
44 files
Utoya, a year later
1 Dec 2015
25 files
On July 22, 2011 Anders Breivik commits a number of attacks in Norway, including an attack on the island of Utøya. On the island between 500 and 700 young people were attending an annual political summer camp of the social democratic party AUF. Many young people died that day. One year later, in August 2012, the North Norwegian branch of the AUF organized a summer camp in Storfjordeid near Tromso.
Pentecoastal Brides
1 Dec 2015
29 files
Every year on Pentecost the old tradition of the Pentecostal brides comes alive in Borne, The Netherlands. This used to be a small scale event. In recent years the event has grown bigger. At 10.30 groups of girls, from five years and up, form different parts of the village gather in the centre, dancing and singing, dressed as Pentecostal Brides. Each group of ten to fifteen white-clad girls has in its midst a girl in a long dress decorated with lace and flowers in her hair. This girl is the 'Rosa' of the group. She runs the front beneath an arch decorated with green branches and coloured flowers.~In 2012 Renske was chosen to be Rosa.~The Pentecostal Brides in Borne has been recognized as cultural heritage. It's been on the official national cultural heritage Inventory ~of the Netherlands since 2015.
25 Nov 2015
183 files
Football is the largest social network in the Netherlands. No sport connects all walks of life more than football. Football is more than running after a ball.~I AM FOOTBALL is the result of a curious photographer looking for striking and everyday moments in the world of football youth.
Daniel, Horse and Man
25 Nov 2015
26 files
Horses can be frightened easily. Daniel has patience, a lot of patience with his horses Inaro & Geronimo. They trust him and he directs them. Preferably without saddle he loves to ride them. For many years he has been living and travelling in Australia and America. Worked as a horse cowboy. Build and played his own instruments. Some people call him a horse whisperer. Now he is back in his homeland Austria. Where he lives together with his partner Andrea , the horses Inaro and Geronimo and his dogs. The house and ranch he build himself.
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