Catrinus van der Veen

Emerengy Refugee Sheltering
17 Feb 2016
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Temporary sheltering of refugees in the Netherlands. The first refugees arrive in Friesland. The Frisian municipalities were asked to indicate whether they have locations available. Harlingen has now chosen to actually provide short-term relief. Workum for example houses about 160 refugees, staying in the Waddenhal for a short time. Then they go to a central reception center of the Dutch Asylum and Immigration Services (COA). Also in Leeuwarden 600 refugees are temporarily hosted in the Friezenhal of the WTC Expo.
Two Dutch Fishermen
9 Feb 2016
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Brothers Jan and Joop de Vries fishing for 'Laaksumer flounder', a regional speciality. The flatfish is found in a small part of the IJsselmeer, between Warns and Lemmer. Because this species lives on sandy soil it has no earthy flavor. At Vrouwezand, south of Laaksum, people have been fishing for centuries. Laaksum is the smallest fishing port in Europe. As early as 1622 there has been tmention of catching flounder in large numbers in the rivers and fresh waters of southwest Friesland. Currently Jan and Joop de Vries are the only ones allowed to catch Laaksumer flounder, with their ship HL 6.
Dairy Cattle Show
9 Feb 2016
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1 Feb 2016
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1 Jan 2016
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Griend is een zandplaat in de Waddenzee. Er wonen tegenwoordig geen mensen meer, in vroeger tijden was het groter en bewoond. De zandplaat is onbewoond en onbebouwd op een vogelwachtershuis na, dat een groot gedeelte van het jaar wordt gebruikt als onderdak voor vogelwachters en natuuronderzoekers. Griend is niet voor het publiek toegankelijk. Leden en medewerkers van Natuurmonumenten ontdoen het vogeleiland af en toe van zwerfvuil.
1 Aug 2015
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Saving Horses
4 Feb 2015
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190 horses were enclosed by upcoming water, 20 horses and colts drowned but 170 horses wer saved by 4 amazones.
Jopie Huisman
5 Feb 2013
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Geurt Busser, painting the Wadden Sea
2 Feb 2012
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