Cindy Heijnen

Last Restaurant to the border
26 Feb 2018
40 files
On my way from Mendoza to Uspallata at Ruta 7 I met a woman in the bus heading towards Las Cuevas. It’s a tiny village where she works in the last restaurant at the border to Chile. A week later I visited her at restaurant San Christóbal, a kind familierestaurant were we had soup, polenta, churo’s, alfajores coffee and wine.~Mirta is working there from 9AM untill 9 PM for 20 days in a row. Then she go’s back home to Mendoza Capital to spent time with her husband and sons. All her 3 sons cook profesionaly too.~Mirta used to be a truckdriver and drove together with her husband through Argentina. They enjoyed this free lifestyle untill her husband was diagnosed with glaucoom and slowly turned blind. Now she works in a restaurant where truckdrivers enjoy her milanesas and guisos. She says it’s a hard life but at least she has a job in a kind place.~Meanwhile a snowstorm was hitting the village of Las Cuevas and isolating the last stop from the border. We took advantage of this moment and walked halfway through the tunnel untill the border of Chile.
Single households
23 Oct 2017
15 files
Since last century the composition of households drastically changed. Traditional families occur less and more and more people live alone. In Amsterdam that rate is even 55%. Being one of them I was curious about how they live and visited them for a little peak in their lives.
Black Pete
23 Oct 2017
24 files
Every year around 5 December the Dutch and Flemish celebrate 'Sinterklaas'. Sinterklaas is depicted as an older white man with a beard dressed as a bishop. He is accompanied by helpers with black faces and colourful Moorish dresses, figures known as Black Pete. In recent years this tradition is under scrutiny because of it's racist nature. During a time of awareness about Dutch slavery history this series was made to illustrate this sensitive matter.
Ducth Hiphop
13 Oct 2017
10 files
As I noticed a shift taking place at the image of Dutch rappers, I invited them into the studio for a portray. Rapping about rough streetlife? The new generation also talks about uncertainties in their lives and about love.
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