David van Dam

Een vrijdag met Julius Vischjager
7 Oct 2020
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Julius Vischjager is overleden. Vischjager was hoofdredacteur en enige medewerker van de handgeschreven krant The Daily Invisible. Ruim 40 jaar volgde hij de Nederlandse politiek. Dertig jaar lang mocht hij op vrijdag de laatste vraag stellen tijdens de persconferentie van de premier. De eerste kwam uit in 1978, en verscheen niet dagelijks maar wekelijks, hoewel niet elke week. In Nieuwspoort speelde Vischjager regelmatig klassieke stukken op de vleugel. David van Dam volgt hem op zo'n vrijdag, van Amsterdam naar Den Haag.
26 Jul 2020
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Dankzij het doorgeefluik gaan de zaken ten tijde van de coronacrisis toch nog een beetje door. Café, bierwinkel, koffietent, lunchzaak, via het raam of de deuropening kan er toch nog wat verkocht worden zonder klanten binnen te hoeven laten.
SInterklaas on Curacao
17 Nov 2019
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Sinterklaas has also arrived on Curaçao this year, Curacao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Kingrich Emerenciana and a number of friends plays Sinterklaas for hire. He does TV shows and goes to daycare and children's parties.~The feast of Saint Nicholas is a Dutch tradition, St. Nicholas is said to arrive on horseback on his feast day, dressed in a bishop’s red robe and mitre and accompanied by Black Peter (Zwarte Piet), variously described as a freed slave or a Moor, to help him distribute sweets and presents to good children or lumps of coal, potatoes, or switches to bad ones.
De kinderen van de St Maartenschool
24 Jan 2018
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De St Maartenschool School in Nijmegen is een school voor zeer gespecialiseerd onderwijs aan leerlingen met een lichamelijke of meervoudige beperking en langdurig zieke kinderen.
Miss and Mister Albino Competition
23 Jan 2018
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In the town of Geita, in the northwest of Tanzania, a Miss and Mister Albino election was held for the first time. Elizabeth James was elected Miss and Richard Feruz was elected Mister. The theme of the event was Out of the shadow/Into the Light. For many albinos, Africa is a curse. Due to their lack of skin pigment that offers protection against ultraviolet rays, they quickly develop skin cancer. The bright light cuts their eyes like a knife. Tumors easily occur in them. In Tanzania, only two percent of them are over forty years old. But albinos are also the victims of corrupt doctors. Driven by greed, they make their unscrupulous clientele wise that drinks, creams and powders made from the bones of albinos or their head hairs bring happiness. That those means provide protection against evil spirits. albinos were never previously killed for that reason. In some West African cultures they were worshiped precisely because they would bring happiness. But in Tanzania, the country with the most albinos on the African continent, they have to fear for their lives. In the region around Geita in particular, albinos have regularly been the victim of attacks, or even murder, in recent years, a survey of the aid organisation Under the Same Sun shows. Arms, legs and genitals can easily raise 50,000 euros on the black market. A whole body maybe up to 75,000 euros. For the replenishment of an albino, a thousand euros will soon be added in the region. Lately, serious attention has also been paid to the health problems of albinos. In hospitals they receive strong sunscreen creams for free. albinos are now in parliament in Tanzania and neighbouring Kenya. Last year, a Miss Albino election was already held in Kenya.
De minister treedt af
22 Jan 2018
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De dag dat Minister van Defensie Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert aftreedt
Referendum in Abrùcies, Catalonia
1 Oct 2017
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In Catalonia referendum is held on independence. The central Spanish government has banned the referendum and does everything in its power to make voting impossible. Photographer David van Dam and correspondent Koen Greven follow Mayor Garriga, who organizes the referendum in his village of Abrùcies. He delivers voting booths via a secret route, sees that firemen make sure police officers can not enter the polling stations, and votes in the end himself, for an independent Catalonia.
Incensitive to Red
27 Sep 2017
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A series about Gingers made on an orthochromatic film. This black and white film is not sensitive to red, therfore accentuates hair, freckles and other unevennesses. The photographer, a redhead himself, asked every subject the same question: "What is the worst thing people said to you about your hair color?"
Honeymoon in North-Korea
22 Aug 2017
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If you like adventurous traveling, North Korea can't be missing on your wish list. That's at least what my wife and I thought when we were looking for a travel destination shortly after our wedding. Officially the safest holiday country in the world, now perhaps not so because of the threatening (nuclear) war with the rest of the world. Our flight with Koryo Airways sets of with march music, which sets the tone. Upon arrival, after having our luggage checked for propaganda material, biblical and other illegal matters, we are picked up from the airport by two guides and a driver; our obligatory travel companions. The travel program has been set for us, although small requests are accepted when we ask for it. First stop: The Mansudae Grand Monument to lay flowers and bow to the 20 meter high statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, the holiday has really begun. For the first few days, the guides want to check my photos on my camera screen, whether the leaders' images are depicted fully (eg missing a hand or foot is forbidden). The hotel is build on an island in a river in the capital Pyongyang and at check-in your passport will be taken. Half an hour later, the guide tells you that unfortunately you can not get into town yourself, for you do not have a passport on you. Early in the morning we leave for the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, serving as a mausoleum for Kim Il-sung, the founder and eternal president of North Korea and for his son Kim Jong-il, who succeeded him as leader of the Country. Fortunately, we are well prepared, because for this visit you should be dressed neatly. Other tourists who have not taken a tie get to loan one at the palace entrance. Camera and phone are handed in, off you go on an endless treadmill along photos of the great leaders, making your way towards the mausoleum. Crying Koreans walk in tight formations along the baled bodies of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, on each side of the glass sarcophagus, a solemn bow. Outside the square is a group of Koreans taking pictures and we are invited to join, one of the scarce contacts with the locals. Back in the center of Pyongyang we visit the subway. The German subway cars, built between 1957 and 1965, run across two lines that intersect at Jonu (battle strike) station. Hundreds of commuters step in and out or read the newspaper in a display on the platform of the mosaic-decorated stations with heroic images of the great leaders. We are lucky, August 25 appears to be a national holiday, it’s the day of Songun. The North Koreans celebrate the start of Kim Jong-il's military leadership in 1960 with massive celebrations throughout the country, a colorful show of group dances. We finish the day with a visit to the Triumphal Arch, modeled to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but 10 meters higher (of course). On the last day of our stay in the country that is officially still at war with South Korea, we visit the demilitarized zone. A 248 kilometer long buffer zone full of land mines heavily guarded on both sides. Right at the border there are seven barracks where negotiations are taking place between both countries. The farewell of our driver and two guides in the morning is hearty and the expected last camera check isn’t taking place, apparently I’m trustworthy enough. During the long train journey to the border with China, I can make some pictures of the countryside, where all hills have large signs with texts like "The government provides you with rice". Upon arriving in China it is wonderful to be able to decide where to go, it feels like freedom.
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