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Jeroen Oerlemans
LIBANON, TYRUS, 6 AUGUSTUS 2006 Werkers lossen drinkwater uit een vrachtwagen van WFP (World Food Programme) dat per konvooi naar het belegerde Tyrus is aangevoerd. Workers offload drinking water fr...
Jeroen Oerlemans
LEBANON, TYRE, 2 AUGUST 2006 A Red Cross ship with relieve aid is docked in the harbour of Tyre to bring much needed supplies to the hospitals in south Lebanon. Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans
Jeroen Oerlemans
LEBANON, TYRE (SOUR), 26 JULY 2006 Workers unload bags of flower from an UNHCR-convoy that was given a safe passage to Tyre. The Israeli Defence Force provided a 'window of opportunity' to give aid...
Jeroen Oerlemans
LEBANON, BEYROUTH, 15 JULY 2006 A shellshocked family has found shelter in the Shakib Arslan school in the Verdun area of Beyrouth. All over Beyrouth schools have opened their doors to give refuge to...
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