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Michael Bunel / Hans Lucas
View of part of the refugee camp of Bab el Salama. Located before the border between Syria and Turkey, it is one of the camps that groups the populations of the large cities of Aleppo and Azaz. 22 Apr...
Michael Bunel / Hans Lucas
A dozen men are trying to get passes for their vehicles at the border post between Syria and Turkey. Borders open up sporadically and it becomes more and more difficult to pass. 22 April 2013. Bab el...
Michael Bunel / Hans Lucas
Children negotiate with a refugee some salads harvested in the vicinity of the camp. 22 April 2013. Bab el Salama. Syria. Des enfants ngocient avec un rfugi quelques salades rcolts dans les alentours...
Michael Bunel / Hans Lucas
22 Avril 2013. Bab el Salama. Syrie.
Jeroen Oerlemans
LEBANON, TYRE, 2 AUGUST 2006 A Red Cross ship with relieve aid is docked in the harbour of Tyre to bring much needed supplies to the hospitals in south Lebanon. Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans
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